Suleiman Aref BSc, MBA

A senior development consultant with more than 20 years of experience in economic development, and institutional building efforts in the West Bank, and Gaza of the Palestinian Territories. Suleiman possesses skills and experience in organizational capacity building, project management, government reform, strategic planning, policy formulation, trade facilitation, investment funds & grants management and economic/sector analysis. He was previously the Deloitte Senior City Advisor for the city of Ramallah part of the 100 Resilient Cities international initiative supported by the Rockefeller Foundation to formulate a resilience strategy, and has been involved on several high profile government reform initiatives focused on creating positive change in PA institutions.   Suleiman has also conducted advanced work through different USAID initiatives on several economic sectors such as stone and marble, garments/textile and agri-business, and was an organizer of the Palestine Investment Conference held in Bethlehem during May 21-23, 2008.   Previously, Suleiman was also part of the technical support team to the Palestinian team negotiating with Israel during the second phase of the Oslo Peace Agreement in 1995.  He is fluent in English and Arabic languages and an active member in several political/economic think tanks.