Haider Shakiry MBA

Haider is a management consultant with over 15 years of experience in organizational development, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring senior leaders in public sector organizations in developing countries and the international public sector.

Recently, Haider spend several years shaping and guiding the Palestinian Ministry of Interior & Security Institutional Maturity Programme, helping to design, deliver and QA its outputs, assess the outcomes and foster stakeholders’ support and commitment. He has also facilitated the development of Strategic Balanced Scorecards for four pioneering Saudi government agencies and the divisions of the Saudi Electricity Company. And lead the Forsa enterprise mentorship programme, to recruit, train and support a network of 600 entrepreneurs and qualified business mentors across six MENA countries. 

With a strong background in financial management and business process reengineering, performed a BPR readiness assessment for a major international development bank, and re-engineered the financial management processes of Abu Dhabi’s Dept. of Municipal Affairs and its municipalities. He has also modeled the processes of Iraqi provincial governments, recommending improvements to planning and budgeting, local democracy and citizen engagement, provincial councils’ processes, managing infrastructure construction projects, the delivery of municipal services and citizens’ complaints handling.  Haider has also upgraded the quality management system of Enfield Enterprise Agency, re-aligning it with strategy to prepare for ISO 9001 and IAG matrix certification and win public bids.

In mentoring roles Haider has advised over 1000 entrepreneurs and teams in business start-up and growth, eveloped 35 business plans and funding proposals that attracted seed and early-growth investments of over a million Pounds, and designed and successfully delivered bespoke training programmes in various management disciplines to managers of Kuwaiti corporations and public institutions.