Tony Willenberg

Tony Willenberg is Antylles’ technology lead.

He is an e-government transformation advisor with a broad range of information and communications technology experience across public and private spaces and in a number of vertical sectors including: public finance, treasury, education, infrastructure, utilities, banking, agriculture, logistics, and customs; and with functional experience in: enterprise architecture, digital transformation, system architecture, software development team management and toolchains, ERP/GRP/IFMIS, enterprise application integration, and business intelligence, data warehousing & data science platforms.

He holds postgraduate degrees in commerce and computer science and has developed technology strategies, system architectures and socialisation plans at organisational, sectoral, national and regional levels to assist governments and organisations with digital adoption and transformation. He has advised the senior leadership of government departments and organisations on why and how to migrate from costly and unsustainable legacy IT infrastructure to thin-client, virtualized, cloud and hybrid-cloud computing architectures to improve agility, to reduce upfront and recurrent costs, and to drive higher service quality.

His broader career objective is to quicken the pace between the invention of digital technologies in the developed world, and application and adoption in emerging, developing and transitioning economy organisations and governments; by way of intermediating and advising between technologists on the one side and government & business leaders on the other side of ICT4D and the ‘digital divide’ the topic is intended to bridge.