Our approach to working in fragile and conflict-affected environments

The Antylles approach to working in fragile and conflict-affected states (FCAS) is driven by our focus on a careful analysis of the context, through the political economy, problem analyses and our own proprietary analytical frameworks and diagnostic approaches. We draw on the best available knowledge. This is vitally important to understand the entry points for action and the implications of various choices. FCAS are rife with dilemmas, they exhibit a high level of complexity where no solution is likely to accommodate all concerns and solutions may be far from ideal.

Our approach based on extensive field experience is to:

  1. Embed analysis (including necessary research) in local partners. This is more likely to produce locally derived and defined issues around development performance. We then seek to promote facilitated design processes with our local partners, helping them navigate the complexity of development and aid politics.
  2. We also seek to learn actively, every intervention is in some way an experiment; observation and constant adaptation are key.
  3. We work with a wide variety of stakeholders and partners ensuring that ideas for change are realistic, viable, sustainable, legitimate, relevant, and supportable.