About Antylles

Founded on a handshake, Antylles is one of the few trusted management consulting firms solely dedicated to servicing:

  • international organizations (IOs),
  • donor aid agencies, and
  • public sector organizations in developing countries.

We advise:

  • publicly elected leaders, and
  • political, security and donor policy leaders.
  • leaders and managers within the civil service

Our aim is to:

  • Improve senior-level decision-making
  • Improve the effectiveness of aid and development programmes
  • Strengthen local institution’s performance, accountability and transparency
  • Empower locally-led service design and delivery

We achieve extraordinary results by working cohesively together – alongside our clients – to focus on solving the most wicked national development problems.

Our value proposition

value proposition

We do this through…

  • Applied research: Using a human-centred approach, we assess the social and institutional context, sector dynamics and geopolitical currents to help our client frame complex political and management problems
  • Problem-driven adaptive design: Using collaborative design techniques, we co-design potential solutions from the ground up, and work closely with the client, their constituents and their partners to identify the most appropriate way forward. We have helped pioneer problem-driven iterative approaches
  • Strategic advice and change management: Leveraging our global and in-country team, we act as the trusted advisor to executives to assist them in strategic thinking, balancing organisational design trade-offs, assessing the impact of social and political processes, and continually designing and re-designing system and institutional changes to find the best fit
  • Evaluation: We help our clients evaluate the performance and overall impact of their efforts and balance these with the realities of delivering within a dynamic and challenging context to inform future efforts

In our senior team, we advocate for deep technical expertise, a sense of curiosity, a willingness to experiment with new ideas, an intimate knowledge in the countries and regions we work in, and a strong focus on adding value and creating impact.

Who we are

We are based in the UK and the USA, but we are designed to work as one global team. We are a single partnership of senior experts founded on a single set of values and a passion for client impact. Our firm is owned by its leading experts. We have no headquarters in the traditional sense, we don’t maintain expensive physical offices. Our Managing Principal is elected by the Principals and leads as ‘first among equals’.  We only recruit seasoned consultants and passionate Principals who have a developed a strong area of expertise through proven hands-on experience.


We have worked for the UK Government (DFID, FCO, SU), UN Agencies, the World Bank and other IFIs, EU, OECD, the governments of USA, Denmark, Netherlands, and many others as well as host governments and communities.  Our team has extensive experience working in such countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine (Gaza & West Bank), Turkey, Costa Rica, Timor Leste, UAE, Somalia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.