Antylles to review World Bank proposals for tax and customs reform in FCAS

LONDON, United Kingdom – Antylles is excited to support Norad and the Norwegian government with an expert multi-diciplinary team to assess the feasibility and risks associated with the next round of funding of the World Bank’s Global Tax Programme.

“We’re excited to be a part of this effort to strengthing domestic resource mobilisation (DRM). Tax and non-tax revenue improvements are vital for providing governments with the funds needed to invest in development, relieve poverty and deliver public services. There is, of course, no one best approach to tax reform and donor programmes should be customised to fit country conditions. What matters most is ownership and leadership in the country concerned.”

Dr. Gregory Wilson, Antylles’ Governance Practice Lead

As part of the Financing for Development (FFD) process leading up to the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, Norway and many other countries committed to the Addis Tax Initiative (ATI), inter alia committing to doubling tax-related development assistance from 2015 to 2020. The new TFD program was launched as a direct response to the ATI commitment, as a vehicle to ramp-up and coordinate Norwegian tax-related development assistance. Norad’s TFD portfolio consists of bilateral partnerships between the Norwegian Tax Administration and partner revenue authorities, and support to multilateral organizations, civil society organizations and research institutions, totaling a budgeted annual amount of NOK 185 million (approx. USD 21 million). 

The World Bank’s Global Tax Program (GTP) was established in 2017-18 in the Global Domestic Revenue Mobilization unit in the Governance Global Practice in the Bank, to expand and coordinate trust funded activities within domestic resource mobilization (DRM). 

The GTP consists of four windows: 

  • Window 1. Global DRM Activities and Global Public Goods.
  • Window 2. Country Level Activities to support countries with their efforts to raise revenues
  • Window 3. Actionable Research, Data, Knowledge & Learning.
  • Window 4. Program Implementation and Supervision.


Photo credit: Bundo Kim

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