Design and Evaluations of Public Administration Modernisation Programmes

The Client

We have worked for multiple clients on both the design and evaluation of public administration programmes. Clients include DFID, AusAID, the European Commission, OECD and IFIs as well as projects directly for national government partners.

The Challenge

Getting the public sector to function is important because if it is well organised and effective it can provide essential services, develop and manage infrastructure, employ substantial numbers of people, develop social, environmental, economic and other policy and generally create the impression of a country that is ‘well governed’. A population that feels it is well governed is more likely to regard its government as legitimate and might, therefore, be less inclined towards instability” (World Bank 2012 WDR). Feeling better governed is therefore posited as linked to stability. A capable public service can also create public value and deliver results which can enhance the legitimacy of government. Conversely, a badly governed state is more likely to be extractive and corrupt and to abuse human rights.

The IC has focused on FCASs to develop the capacity or capability of government and its institutions, its ability to govern and the development of wider ‘good governance’. The increasing convergence of State building (SB) and Peacebuilding (PB) in international interventions seeks to address a common purpose, the building of an effective resilient state and reducing the risk of the state falling back into conflict.

Sample of Projects

An ex-post evaluation of EC-funded PAR programmes in Afghanistan and a viability and feasibility assessment of new interventions

Concept design for a 5 years programme of support for public service development, prepared for AusAID in support of the Government of Timor Leste. Design and memorandum prepared using ‘facilitated’ design.

Support to Gaza Recovery Detailed Needs Assessment and Recovery Framework with a focus on the Governance sector including advice on civil service reunification and subsequent reorientation of the EU Delegation Governance Programme.

Annual Review of UK Strategic Support to the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior and Scoping Study to define a new integrated approach to UK Policing Support Strategy 2014-2019. Preparation of Business Case and ToRs for new 5-year support programme with a focus on the transition from RSM to UK Support.

New Project Design for Public Administrative reform, DFID Bosnia Herzegovina. Design of a new phase of support to State PAR and all entity administrations. Compiled a comprehensive ‘Report on Proposals for Donor Coordination and Harmonisation’ and draft Memorandum of Understanding and Joint Financing Arrangement between DFID, European Commission and other key donors.

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