Internal regulatory framework: Consolidating and strengthening internal policies, procedures and guidance

The client

A United Nations agency, headquartered in New York, with six regional offices and over ninety field presences around the world was formed recently as a merger of a number of funds, Programmes and entities.

The challenge

Today, after a number of years of organic and rapid growth, the agency found that many of its key internal management control and legislative documents were developed with different templates in different parts of the organisation and published in different sub-sites of the intranet and in offline formats such as emails.  In addition, some regulatory documents mixed policy, procedure, and guidance into the same text thereby making it hard for staff to determine what was a mandatory policy or procedures and what was non-mandatory guidance.  The organization also recognised that without an official promulgation process, management and administrative policy were created without the benefit of version control, quality assurance and wide consultation among the senior leaders to resolve any conflicts and duplication with existing regulations.

An Antylles’ organizational development expert was contracted to assist in the identification and review of legislative documents for quality and coherence.  And to provide advice to Directors and section heads on areas that needed strengthening, before being promulgated and re-published in the new online portal.

The solution

In order to strengthen the organization’s internal regulatory framework, improve its staff’s understanding and usability of its policies, procedures, and guidance (PPG), it was determined that all internal legislation and regulations should be reviewed, organized and consolidated in a “PPG system” on the intranet that would act as a one-stop shop for all internal legislation and regulations.

The results

The new user-friendly PPG system has been launched and now enables staff to quickly find the policy, procedures and/or guidance they are seeking.  Staff can also give direct feedback on particular documents and request new documents to be created to support their work around the world.

Want to strengthen your internal regulatory framework? Let us help. If you are considering undertaking a review of your internal regulatory framework or create a user-friendly”one-stop-shop”. We recommend planning for a 6-12 month exercise for 1 senior organizational design person.  The time required is not usually linked to the size of the organization being reviewed, but rather the complexity of the existing framework, the level of inconsistancy and incoherance, and organizational politics. Some elements of the engagement could be performed quicker if additional consultants are added to support. Contact Antylles to help plan for your next review.

Contact our expert with direct experience in this case study: Edward Carroll.

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