Dr. Greg W., BA, MA, MPhil, PhD (Public Administration)

Dr. Gregory J. Wilson

Greg has post graduate degrees from University College, London and Western Ontario, Canada and a PhD in Defence and Security from Cranfield University in the UK Defence Academy. He has designed and implemented innovative front-line assistance programmes for public administration, governance and stabilisation in Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Iraq, Palestine (Gaza and West Bank), Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Timor Leste, BiH and most recently Syria.

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About edwardcarroll

I'm passionate about questions on why smart people make dumb or irrational decisions when designing organizations and international development projects. Why do well-intentioned people end up creating bad outcomes? And, how does this impact decision-making during the design and appraisal phase of complex programmes in international development? I am also really interested in these things they call 'innovation' and the 'future of work'.